Integrated network solutions that meet your needs.

Trident Networking provides tailored networking solutions, from design to installation and testing,
so your company can maintain business operations and continuity.

You shouldn't have to think about your network infrastructure.

Data is the fourth utility. You have to have it to do business in the modern world, and it has to work every minute of every day.

The problem is, a lot of businesses don’t have the fast, efficient, and robust network infrastructure they need. Whether it’s connectivity issues such as slow response times, or the inability to trace out a bad port because of poor labeling, these things can slow your operations down.

Trident Networking provides quality materials, professional installations, and superior services for all your networking needs.

Our goal is to not just be a vendor, but to be your partner
by providing the quality service and pricing you deserve.
Let us build you the perfect network.

Integrated networking solutions for every need


We design and engineer voice, video, and data networks.


We install, test, and certify copper and fiber networks throughout your office.


We’ll design and build the infrastructure to house all your business’s telecommunication equipment.


A passive optical network can bring fiber straight to the desktop for blazing-fast Internet.


If you need a Voice over IP (VoIP) network, we can design and install it for you.


Our sound masking systems help reduce office noise, protect privacy, and boost productivity.


We can design, build, and ensure that your critical data and data centers provide the 99.999% uptime your company requires.


A Power over Ethernet system uses low voltage wiring to provide power to lights, dramatically improving functionality and reducing costs.


We partner with an A/V equipment company to build an integrated A/V network solution, including all cabling and equipment.


If you need to move your existing infrastructure to a new location, we will plan and execute a seamless move and reconfiguration.


We partner with an engineering firm to install high-bandwidth WiFi solutions to ensure maximum connectivity and network capacity.


We partner with an engineering firm to build a cell network throughout a building that prevents cell signal degradation or “dead zones”, so employees and visitors alike can stay connected.


We can install and network a CCTV system so you can monitor your building and increase security.

We are certified to install the following manufacturers with material warranties:

Four Steps to a Better Network

1. Call

Let us know what you need, even if you don’t know exactly what it is, and we’ll start figuring out a solution.

2. Plan

We’ll visit your site and go over everything with a fine-tooth comb, then put together a proposal with detailed recommendations.

3. Manage

If you’re ready to move forward, we’ll set up work dates and work closely with your company, your building, and all other parties.

4. Success

At the end of the job, we’ll go on a punch-walk together and make sure everything works as promised. We then present you with network drawings and all test results.

The Trident Difference

Is there any doubt that when you turn on a light switch there will be light? Or how about when you’re at the sink? You’re confident there will be water when you turn the tap. Data should be the same; when you turn on your PC, you should be connected 100% of the time.

Your network is one of those things you don’t think about until it stops working. And when it’s not working, you’re losing time, money, and patience. It’s frustrating, but we’re here to tell you it can be avoided. You deserve to have the best network.

At Trident Networking, we’ve seen and dealth with all types of networking issues:

  • We’ve helped clients solve their networking woes from small IDFs to huge data centers.
  • We’ve crawled under raised floors and been suspended 40 feet in the air on a scissor lift.
  • We’ve pulled millions of feet of cable and fiber through every conceivable building, office, and data center you can imagine.

Trident Networking is owner-operated. That means every job is reviewed, evaluated, and engineering by the owners. It isn’t just about making a dollar at Trident; our reputation, pride, and sense of accomplishment are built into each job. We want to bring that same passion and dedication to your business.

Working with us easy:

1. Call us today and tell us about your networking problems.
2. We’ll visit your site, walk through and document everything, and produce a proposal with specific recommendations.
3. When you’re ready to move forward, we’ll work with you and all other parties to get the work done efficiently.
4. We’ll test all our work to make sure everything works as expected, then deliver you the test results and redline drawings.

Let us put our combined 50+ years of experience to work for your company’s network. Stop dealing with inadequate, slow, or obsolete networks. Become secure with your infrastructure so you can focus on achieving your business goals.


Dale Whited and Clay Alexander, Co-Founders

Our Commitment to Our Customers

We seek to fully understand each customer’s need and provide a tailored, integrated networking solution that meets that specific need.

We commit to honest bidding on all projects, never underbidding, and never needlessly changing orders.

We provide daily and weekly reports that establish where we are with each step of the job.

We are transparent about any issues and prepared to “improvise, adapt, and overcome”.

We stay until everything is 100% up and running.

We provide a 1-year labor warranty and a 25-year material warranty* on all our work. *Commscope, Panduit, and Belden cable only.

We give back

At Trident Networking, we are committed to helping Veterans and Veteran-Owned Companies. We pledge a portion of every sale to a Veteran Organization in the DFW area. We want to give back to those brave men and women who have sacrificed in defense of this great nation.

You can have the perfect network.

Let us build you an integrated network solution that works for you
and helps you achieve maximum efficiency.