Trident 2023 Capabilities Statement

While not a complete list of what we’ve worked on, this Capabilities Statement does provide a snapshot of work completed and areas of expertise. Please give us a call if you’d like to learn more about Trident: 214-929-3541 or email: [email protected].

Before & After

Customers come to us for all reasons. It can be building out 6 story office buildings or simply helping them regain control of their network equipment and cabling. Ohh we also can install all your AV equipment as well.

4G CBRS Warehouse Install; Richardson TX

Customer wanted a 4G CBRS (Citizens Broadband Radio Service) installed in their warehouse for the highly effective communication it provides. This user deployed private 4G network provides greater security than WiFi, and can be used both indoor and outdoors at lower cost than an operator installed LTE installation.  

Audio / Visual Build; Southpark, MI

Trident was responsible for mounting and programing TVs, Google Hangouts (video conferencing), Aruba WiFi and ClickShare systems.  Installation included ensuring the mount and TV would be supported by adding plywood as required.

Thermal Camera Warehouse Installation; Arlington, TX

Trident was responsible for the design, engineering and installation of Thermal Imaging Cameras and Hand Sanitizer used to combat Covid-19 within the work-place.  

230K sq ft build out; Irving TX

Trident was responsible for designing, engineering and installing all required technology including; 70K ft of structured cabling, 6000 ft of multimode fiber, 52 TVs and video conference systems, 101 Wifi units, 700 soundmasking speakers, GPS antenna, conference room occupancy sensors,  6 IDF builds, 1 MDF build and over 7000 ft of overhead basket tray.   […]

78,000 sq ft building Demo; Irving TX

Trident was tasked to demo all telecom equipment, supporting infrastructure, cable and fiber. All material was properly disposed of; equipment was returned to customer, copper and iron recycled.