Move, Add & Change

Let’s get right to the point, if you have a piece of equipment that needs to be moved, added or changed; we can help. Congrats! Your business is growing. You’re going to need to add new employees to the office, or perhaps you need to find a new larger location. Fortunately, we know what to do to make sure your move, add or change happens seamlessly.

Planning Ahead

The secret to a successful move is the preparation and planning. Once you’ve done that correctly, the actual moving of equipment is straightforward. The first step is to understand the current configuration of your equipment.  If it’s been a while since someone has cleaned up your Telco (IDF) closet or server room, it might not be as organized as you had hoped.

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

– Abraham Lincoln

Our job is to trace out each of those cables and create a ‘From & To’ list.

Each cable is labeled and if they can be reused in the new location they will be. There are times when the new space requires the equipment to be reconfigured. On those occasions, some cables might not be long enough so new ones will be made ready and pre-installed in the new location. On the day of the move, those cables that are making the trip will be unplugged and coiled securely to ensure they are not damaged. All equipment is secured in air-ride trucks, delivered to the new site, and unloaded. Trident will re-rack all the equipment and connect all the cables. Of course, everything is tested, and new labels are created.

Ensuring Success

Moves are especially stressful as the life’s blood of an organization is in the equipment we’re moving. We want you to feel secure in the knowledge that this is something we’ve done hundreds of times and are prepared for any and all situations.